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Tricycle Tips: How to use an electric tricycle

23rd November, 2022

Tricycle Tips: How to use an electric tricycle

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You ride an electric tricycle the same as you would a classic tricycle. E-trikes offer all the same benefits as cycling but with the additional support of the pedal assist. Regardless of strength and fitness level, you’ll be able to ride further for longer and tackle hills with ease.

If you’re thinking or buying an electric tricycle, or you’ve just purchased one and you’re not sure how they work, here is everything you need to know about how to use an electric tricycle. 

How to charge the battery on an electric tricycle:

• You’re able to charge the battery when it’s on or off the tricycle, it’s up to you

• Insert the charger into the charge port on the battery

• The LED light on your electric trike will change from green to red to indicate it’s charging

• Once the battery is fully charged the LED light will turn back to green

How to prolong the battery life of your electric tricycle

When your new electric trike is delivered the battery will only be semi-charged. You’ll need to charge it to its full capacity before its first use. The first three times you charge the battery, charge it for 12 hours. Even after these first three times, try to always fully charge the battery each time – this should take around 6-8 hours.

When actually riding your e-trike, coasting alone is better than constantly stopping and starting all the time. So, try to look ahead and slow down if you can see you may need to stop. When you do need to start from a complete, pedal with a bit of power at the start to bring you up to speed, without relying too much on the pedal assist. Similarly, when riding uphill or against the wind, also try not to solely rely on the pedal assist, and try to continue supplementing battery power with pedaling.

When storing the battery, for example, if it’s not in use over the winter, then you’ll still need to remove the battery and recharge it every month to prolong the battery life.

How to ride an electric tricycle and use pedal assist:

1. Check the battery is switched on – the key should be turned to the ‘on’ position)

2. Press the power button on the control panel to turn it on, the screen should light up

3. Either select auto and the level of pedal assist will be dependent on how much you’re pedaling, or choose the level of assistance you require using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘

4. Start to pedal and the pedal assist will kick in automatically – once you pedal at speed of 5ph the motor will start to assist you to the maximum speed (25kph)

When should I use the pedal assist?

Whenever you like! But, if you want to prolong battery life, then try to use the right mode at the right time. If you require pedal assist at all times, for example, if you don’t have the strength in your legs or you want to get somewhere quickly, then by all means have it on the whole time you’re cycling.

However, if you’re cycling around in turbo mode and at maximum speed for long periods of time, the battery won’t last as long. Switching through the different levels of pedal assist dependent on the terrain works best for maximum efficiency. So, on flat and smooth surfaces turn it down, but for hills and tougher terrain turn it up to support your cycling.

What’s the maximum speed of an e-trike?

In line with EAPC regulations, the pedal assist on your electric tricycle will have a maximum speed of 25kph.

Are electric tricycles legal in the UK?

All our 250w models are road legal and are classed as a bicycle. Our 500w models are designed for private land use with permission only.


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