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Scotland's most instagrammable Lochs for cycling

24th May, 2023

Scotland's most instagrammable Lochs for cycling

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Jorvik Tricycles want to encourage their community to go beyond their comfort zone and explore more of the UK with their adult tricycles this Summer.

From its rolling green hills, tranquil lochs and impressive coastlines, Scotland’s natural beauty is breathtaking. Scotland is also known for its sometimes unpredictable weather, however, the generally cooler weather can make for great cycling conditions for your next adventure.

To get you started on planning your next adventure, Jorvik Tricycles have found some of the most picturesque lochs in Scotland that you can enjoy cycling around.

Looking at the number of Instagram hashtags for each destination as well as their cycling compatibility, we have found the most Instagrammable Lochs to visit with your adult tricycle.

1. Loch Ness

(495k hashtags)

Loch Ness is most famously known for being home to the elusive Loch Ness Monster ‘Nessie’. The 36km long expanse of tranquil waters can be admired from up high in the surrounding hills or from the waterfront.

The South Loch Ness Trail is a 30-mile route along paved paths, bridleways and a few smaller paths. Although this is considered a relatively long and challenging route, there is much more to still be seen! So, if you’re planning an extended stay at Loch Ness, the Loch Ness 360° is a great challenge to spread across a few days.

This route is much longer, around 80-miles, but is along paved and well-maintained paths so is tricycle-friendly. The route begins in Inverness with some must-stop spots along the way including Falls of Foyers, Suidhe Viewpoint, Caledonian Canal and Urquhart Castle.

2. Loch Lomand

(19.7k hashtags)

The 23-mile-long body of fresh water is the largest inland stretch of water in Great Britain and is situated in The Trossachs National Park. Visitors can explore the loch’s shores, wander around the national park, take a boat across the water or cycle around the surrounding trails to discover impressive viewpoints.

With a variety of cycle-friendly routes, cyclists of all ages and abilities can enjoy leisurely rides around the Loch’s shoreline. Make the most of the panoramic views and fresh air as you pass by charming villages, ancient castles and an abundance of wildlife. Take the time to disconnect and enjoy what nature has to offer at this outstanding spot.

3. Loch Earn

(19.6k hashtags)

Also located in The Trossachs National Park, Loch Earn stretches for six miles and is known for its range of water-based activities. You can enjoy fishing, kayaking or paddleboarding while visiting Loch Earn. You can also make the most of the Scottish countryside by exploring the different networks of walking and cycling trails nearby.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, Loch Earn has a variety of trails for all abilities to create a memorable cycling experience. The Loch Earn loop from Lochearnheard is a 15-mile route that takes you around the loch; it is mostly paved but some spots are off-road and may be more difficult to ride along.

A smaller section of this route, The Loch Earn Railway Path, is an easier shorter option. It is a mix of paved and off-road paths which is currently undergoing work to upgrade the route.

4. Loch Ard

(17k hashtags)

Visitors aren’t only drawn to Loch Ard to admire the freshwater loch but because of its variety of outdoor activities. The Loch Ard Sculpture trails are a great way to explore the national park; 16 miles of trails, all different kinds of terrain. You can cycle, walk or even horse-ride the route! The Go Country Adventure Park also has more outdoor activities for thrill seekers!

The Loch Ard Loop is an easy off-road route that cyclists of all ages and abilities can enjoy. The 3.5-mile route takes you down to Loch Ard and onto beautiful views across The Narrows before heading back to where you started.

5. Loch an Eilein

(11.2k hashtags)

Loch Eilein is renowned for its small island which sits in the centre of the loch and is home to ancient castle ruins. The Loch’s unknown history, tales of battles and rumoured water monster add to the mystery of this magical spot.

Located in the Cairngorms National Park, the towering trees and surrounding mountains make for a picturesque backdrop for cyclists. There are gentle paths for beginners and more leisurely rides, as well as more challenging trails for more experienced cyclists to navigate.

6. Loch Rannoch

(9.5k hashtags)

Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, you couldn’t feel further from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take the time to disconnect and enjoy what nature has to offer when visiting this breathtakingly beautiful freshwater loch. Keep an eye out for the Loch’s diverse range of wildlife, you may be able to spot some red deer, otters and a variety of birds.

Find calm sitting at the shore, cycling around the surrounding areas, exploring by foot or taking a boat out onto the Loch itself. The quiet roads and minimal traffic allow you to immerse yourself in nature and take in the serene scenery. The terrain caters for all levels of cyclists; paved paths for leisurely rides or rougher, uneven terrain for more thrilling adventures.


If you visit any of these stunning spots with your adult tricycle be sure to share a picture of you and #YourJorvik with us on Instagram (@JorvikTricycles).

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